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2B Drinks consist of more than 50% fruit content combined with inspiring, vitalizing and relaxing vital substances and active ingredients.


Artificial energy drinks are outdated


Get the ultimate natural energy boost! 2B Drinks consist of more than 50% fruit content combined with inspiring, vitalizing and relaxing active ingredients. What makes the 2B Drinks unique is the taste: – full of fruit and lightly fizzy from a touch of carbonation – a real treat. Artificial energy drinks are outdated. 2B Drinks keep their promise fully without artificial ingredients or added sugar: 2B Active stimulates and activates;, 2B Relaxed has a relaxing effect; and, 2B Happy brings home that moment of happiness! A sophisticated combination of active ingredients and a fruit content of at least 50 percent is the basis for all our drinks.


2B ACTIVE the unique fruit bomb that vitalizes body and soul. A fruit content of 50% paired with the active ingredient l-arginine ensures an incomparable taste experience while releasing natural energy. No matter if you drink it before an exhausting workout, during a bad patch at the office or as a refreshing kick during the day: 2B ACTIVE activates, will motivate you and give you a new drive. Without any added sugar. 


2B RELAXED naturally relaxes your system. A sophisticatedly assembled fruit content of more than 50% combined with the active ingredient l-tryptophan not only tastes good but also helps contributes to your relaxation. Whether you drink 2B RELAXED before doing yoga, after a stressful day at work or simply to help you wind down: with 2B Relaxed you’ll take it easy! Without any added sugar. 



If you are searching for that “moment of happiness”, 2B HAPPY is the perfect drink. A fruit content of 61% combined with the active ingredients l-tryptophan and spirulina algae ensure regeneration and relaxation. HAPPY moments for mind and body because 2B HAPPY also helps to stimulate cell renewal. Just the right drink when you come home after an exhausting day and needing some positive vibes! Without any added sugar.

Why do we use cans?

A sustainable approach to our environment is important to us. Our 2B drinks are absolutely natural (fruit content over 50% depending on the variety), so we have to rely on opaque packaging in order to remain true to our high quality standards.


This is one of the reasons why we have chosen the can, which is 100% recyclable without any loss of quality and thus saves energy.

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