2B RELAXED - your natural stress reducer

2B RELAXED naturally relaxes your system. A sophisticatedly assembled fruit content of more than 57% (Aprikot, Cranberry, Pomegranate, Granatapfel, Banane, ...) combined with the active ingredient L-tryptophane not only tastes good but also helps contributes to your relaxation.


Whether you drink 2B RELAXED before doing yoga, after a stressful day at work or simply to help you wind down:

With 2B Relaxed you’ll take it easy! Without any added sugar*.


Our stress reducer contains the following ingredients


Multi-fruit functional drink with sweetener and 57% fruit. no added sugar (fruits contain natural sugar).



For a positive mood and a healthy and restful sleep. The essential amino acid acts on the serotonin level to harmonize body, mind and soul.


The vitamins in apricots have beneficial physical effects.



The bio-active fruit acts as a symbol of love and fertility due to its ingredients and their beneficial effects.


The „power plant“. Cranberries are wild fruits with a high dosis of vitamins and minerals.


„Nerves of steel“. Already back in the Middle Ages lemon balm had to be present in every monastery garden and was being utilized in the natural medicine field for soothing the nerves.

Ingredients: apple juice*, water, apricot purée** (10%), banana purée, mango purée, pomegranate juice* (0.5%), cranberry juice* (0.5%), acidifier: citric acid; antioxidant: ascorbic acid; flavouring, lemon balm extract (0.01%), L-tryptophane (10,0 mg/100 ml), cinnamon bark extract, clove extract, hops extract, vitamin E, sweetener: steviol glycoside; colouring: 

ß-carotene; vitamin B6, vitamin B12. *from concentrated juice **from concentrated purée.


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