2B ACTIVE - the drink for your activation

2B ACTIVE is the unique fruit bomb that invigorates body and mind. The fruit content of 50 percent (red grape, mango passion fruit, guava, ...) paired with valuable vital and ingredients such as L-arginine, maca, red clover, ginseng, royal jelly provide a unique taste experience that releases energy in a healthy and natural way.


Whether before sports, during an office low or as a refreshing kick in between: 2B ACTIVE activates, motivates and drives you again! Without any added sugar*.

The following vital substances and ingredients will support you to get active


Multi-fruit functional drink with sweetener and 50% fruit. no added sugar (fruits contain natural sugar). 



The power amino acid, which supports every athlete on a natural basis, is vasodilative and facilitates an oxygen uptake in our bodies.



The 2000 year old medicinal plant from Peru with triple A effect: activating, aphrodisiac, anti-aging. The secret panacea of the Incas increases stamina and energy and improves concentration.


The fountain of youth for many people shows­cell-protective,­antiinflammatory and blood-purifying effects, improves blood­flow­and­lowers­cholesterol.


The Chinese wonder drug. The root is considered a proven tonic, which ­positively­influences­the­immune­ system and makes the body generally more resistant.


The power food of the queen bees contains high- quality nutrients and active ingredients. Royal jelly was already popular in ancient Egypt as a „fountain of youth“. 

Ingredients: water, apple juice*, red grape juice*, lemon juice*, passion fruit juice*, mashed guava, mashed mango, carbon dioxide, concentrate (black currant, black carrot), L-arginine (0.1%), maca peruana extract (0.03%), flavour­ing:­ caffeine (14.8mg/100ml), ginseng extract for the purposes of flavouring (0.01%); red clover extract (0.016%);  sweet­ener:­ Steviolglycoside; vitamin E,­­ royal jelly (0.0018%).*from juice-concentrate

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