2B HAPPY - the drink with pure hemp for your regeneration

If you are searching for that “moment of happiness”, 2B HAPPY is the perfect drink! A fruit content of 61% (Granatapfel, Melisse, Apfel, ...) combined with the active ingredients L-tryptophan and spirulina algae ensure regeneration and relaxation. Happy moments for mind and body because 2B HAPPY also helps to stimulate cell renewal.


Just the right drink when you come home after an exhausting day and needing some positive vibes!

Without any added sugar*.

The following vital substances and ingredients will help you regenerate


Multi-fruit drink with hemp powder and natural hemp flavouring, L-Tryptophane and 61% fruit. no added sugar

(fruits contain natural sugar).



The hemp plant has been considered a valuable cultural and medicinal plant for thousands of years and was highly

valued for medicinal purposes. Through the demonization as an addictive poison and through the following prohibition, this cultural asset was outlawed, starting from the USA. Today hemp is gaining importance again and is increasingly used as a food and stimulant and also in medicine as a thera­peutic agent. In the meantime, more than 1000 active ingredients have been identified in the hemp plant. The hemp powder contained in 2B HAPPY (2.5g/1000 ml) is the vital substance for a new lifestyle.


For a positive mood and a healthy and rest­ ful sleep. The essential amino acid acts on the serotonin level to harmonize body, mind and soul.



Spirulina alga belongs to the cyanobacteria also known as blue­green algae. According to the oldest fossil findings to date, the existence of cyanobacteria can be proven as far back as 3.5 billion years ago. Accor­ ding to many studies, the green alga is said to strengthen the immune system and to protect against viruses.

Ingredients: apple  juice*, water, apricot purée**, banana purée, mango purée, ginger juice, pomegranate juice*,  cranberry juice*, concentrates (spirulina 0.25%,  safflower), carbon dioxide, acidifier: citric acid; natural hemp flovouring (0.25%), hemp powder (0.1%), anti-oxidant: ascorbic acid; flavouring, lemon balm extract, L-trypto­phane, cinna­mon bark extract, clove extract, hops extract, vitamin E,­ vitamin B6, vitamin B12. *from concentrated juice **from concentrated purée. 

Not recommended for children and adolescents under 16 years. Consumer note: max. one can per day.­ 

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